Thursday, May 23, 2013

Challenges 2013: Accepted Paper

Paper accepted (with revision) for Challenges 2013 Conference: "Proposta de Modelo de Referência para Aplicação de Gamification em Ambientes de Aprendizagem Social".

Abstract: Gamification is the application of  typical elements from video games in non-gaming contexts aiming to increase the levels of engagement and motivation of the participants in activities in those contexts. The ways to achieve this objective have been supported by the flow theory, among others. Education is considered one of the areas with greatest potential for the application of gamification. The increasing use of information and communication technologies in educational contexts and the recognition of the pedagogical potential of Web 2.0 applications, made learning supporting platforms good candidates for the application of game elements, particularly from social games. Choosing which elements to consider and how to apply them led to the necessity of defining a framewok to assist the application of gamification. This paper presents a proposal of such a framework following previous work that has identified its general characteristics.
Keywords: Gamification, game elements, flow theory, social learning environments, framework

Autores: Jorge Simões, Rebeca Redondo, Ana Vilas, Ademar Aguiar.

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