Saturday, March 20, 2010

Entrevista com Tim Berners-Lee

Entrevista publicada hoje no Times OnLine com Tim Berners-Lee:

Sir Tim Berners-Lee: the quiet guru who invented the world wide web

He invented the web, he says, because he was frustrated that he couldn’t find all the information he wanted in one place.

Does he think the internet is rewiring children’s brains? “I don’t think we know yet,” he replies. “Finding the answer to a question like that is not simple, you have to do huge experiments, you have to follow people for a long time. “And you can’t just think about computer sciences, you need a psychologist to do an analysis of the child, you need sociologists to look at the types of culture that is being produced, then you need a philosopher to ask whether that is a good thing.”

“Too many people forget that just because you can read anything it doesn’t mean you have to read everything,”

"... The web only happened because everyone pulled together.”

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