Friday, September 21, 2012

MOOC on Gamification: Written Assignment 1

Resposta ao trabalho escrito (written assignment 1) proposto no curso sobre Gamification do Prof. Kevin Werbach no Coursera.

Project Part I: Definition

You are an employee of Cereals Incorporated, a large manufacturer of breakfast food products.  Your supervisor, Madison County, approaches you because she knows you recently took a course on gamification, which she has heard will revolutionize marketing.

She tells you that Cereals Inc. is about to release a new line of ready-to-eat breakfast pastries, and she wants to know whether to use gamification as part of the marketing strategy.  The breakfast pastries will be aimed at the 18-35 age bracket. Surveys show members of this demographic often skip breakfast because they don’t want to eat the typical cereals of their youth, and they are too active to cook their own breakfasts.  Market research indicates that the pastries are likely to appeal more to women than men by a 65%-35% ratio. Cereals Inc. has a 35% share of the overall breakfast food market, but only a 10% share of the fragmented ready-to-eat segment. 

Provide as many reasons as you can why gamification could be a useful technique to apply to the situation your manager has presented to you.  Explain why these reasons address the specific scenario provided.
  At this stage, focus on the problem rather than the solution.  In other words, describe the goals of the project, not the particular game elements or other techniques you plan to use.


Gamification can be an usefull marketing technique in to promote this product because:
- Consumers can share in a social network that they took their brekfast and that they are ready for a new working day. In this way, they will be more likely to take some time to eat breakfast
- Consumers should be rewarded for regularly having their breakfast. For example, they could get some virtual award if they have their breakfast in the 5 working days of a week. They could also be rewarded (with a different award) if they also have breakfast on weekends. In this way, consumers will be motivated to have breakfast regularly.
- Since breakfast pastries are not the healthiest food they can get, if they combine them with fruit or juice, they could get another reward. An application could be provided to track what they eat: consumers fill in what they eat and the app show the number of calories of that meal and compares to reference values. The app could rate consumers choices and give them points if they made good choices. Consumers can get recognition for their choices by sharing their achievements in a social network.
- With the application, they could invite friends and co-workers to also share what they eat at their breakfasts. Each user could then check his/her performance compared to the others. In this way thay will be more engaged with the product.
- With the app, consumers could also vote in their prefered kind of pastries (if the product will have different kinds). They could see what other users are voting. With this, consumers loyalty will be improved.
- Since the product is aimed to 18-35 age, it is expected that most of them have a smartphone. The product boxes could provide a QR Code or similar for users easily download the app.
- Since most consumers will probably be females, social aspects will be more important than competitive ones.

Grade (10/10): Your grade is 10, which was calculated based on a combination of the grade you received from your peers and the grade you gave yourself.


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