Monday, April 08, 2013

Whitepaper Case TechHub_Leaderboarded

Foi já divulgado o whitepaper do caso de estudo TechHub Leaderboarded (ver este post):

Comentários adicionais que foram enviados na contribuição submetida:

TechHub Noise Meter is an application of internal gamification or enterprise gamification. Is is used to improve collaborators' engagement that feel more motivated to participate since they receive feedback from their efforts through the leaderboard. Collaborators are not individually mentioned  or rewarded but they have the sense of participation in a greater cause, the success of their company. From this standpoint, I consider its application as a "best pratice".

A leaderboard is a mechanic for short term engagement. It appeals to extrinsic motivation (winning a competition and achieving a better status) and this kind of motivation is for short term engagement. These type of rewards work as long as they exist. If they cease to exist, engagement could fall. They can also reduce intrinsic motivation.

I see Leaderboarded as a gamification tool that can be used with other tools to achieve a wider gamification experience. Alone, Leaderboarded is limited to its own specific purpose but combined with other tools it can contribute to a wider experience. I used Leaderboarded in an educational context combined with ClassDojo, a reward tool based on points, targeting students behaviors. Leaderboarded proved to be a very helpful and effective tool.

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