Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Statistics for the 2014 Coursera Gamification MOOC

Professor Kevin Werbach released a video with some statistics for the 2014 edition of his Coursera Gamification MOOC that ended in April. These courses were already mentioned before in this blog (A Brief History of Gamification: Part IV - The Evolution):

Also with an increasing number of scholars and professionals becoming interested in the concept, along with the general public, the online learning platform Coursera launched in August 2012, a MOOC on gamification, lectured by Kevin Werbach, an Associate Professor from the University of Pennsylvania. The course had more than 80.000 registered students with further editions in 2013 (with 66.000 students) and January 2014 (with 78.000 registrations). After the first edition of the course, Werbach co-authored the book For the Win: How Game Thinking Can Revolutionize Your Business.

The video seems to be only available for those who registered in the course. Here are some of the main statistics:

A big number of registrations but only a small percentage actually concluded the courses successfully. Still, a great number (around 4500 students).

And the final remarks:

"Gamification is still a new field and MOOCs are still a new form of learning."


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