Saturday, October 13, 2012

Survey: Which Definition of Gamification is the Best?

Which definition of Gamification do you like best? Which one is the most suitable for education?

Fell free to contribute with other definitions (in a comment to this post).

Choose one definition from the list below (23 definitions) and vote here. Some of them are redundant and others are very similar. They are presented in no special order.

Definitions of Gamification 

Definition #1: "Engaging users, changing behavior with the best ideas from games, loyalty and behavior economics."
(Gabe Zichermann)

(Karl Kapp)

Definition #6:  "The application of game metaphors to real lifetasks to influence behaviour, improve motivation and enhance engagement.
(Andrzej Marczewski)

 (Michael Wu)


(Sebastian Deterding, Dan Dixon, Rilla Khaled & Lennart Nacke)

(Clark Aldrich)

(We Play)


(New Scientist)

A cloud with the most common words used in the definitions 

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