Thursday, January 16, 2014

Gamification for Information Retrieval (GamifIR’14) Workshop

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Gamification for Information Retrieval (GamifIR’14) Workshop, held in conjunction with ECIR 2014
, Amsterdam, Netherlands
13 April 2014

Gamification is the application of game mechanics, such as leader boards, badges or achievement points, in non-gaming environments with the aim to increase user engagement, data quality or cost effectiveness.  A core aspect of gamification solutions is to infuse intrinsic motivations to participate by leveraging people’s natural desires for achievement and competition. While gamification, on the one hand, is emerging as the next big thing in industry, e.g., an effective way to generate business, on the other hand, it is also becoming a major research area. However, its adoption in Information Retrieval (IR) is still in its infancy,  despite the wide ranging IR tasks that may benefit from gamification techniques. These include the manual annotation of documents for IR evaluation, the participation in user studies to study interactive IR challenges, or the shift from single-user search to social search, just to mention a few.

This workshop focuses on the challenges and opportunities that gamification can present for the IR community. The workshop aims to bring together researchers and practitioners from a wide range of areas including game design, information retrieval, human-computer interaction, computer games, and natural language processing.

Call for papers: deadline 5 February 2014

Keynote by Prof. Richard Bartle, known for his 1996 Player Types model (see this post)

Topics include but are not limited to:
  • Gamification approaches in a variety of information-seeking contexts
  • User engagement and motivational factors of gamification
  • Player types, contests, cooperative games
  • Challenges and opportunities of applying gamification in IR
  • Gamification design and game mechanics
  • Game based work and crowdsourcing
  • Applications and prototypes
  • Evaluation of gamification techniques