Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Paper in "Computers in Human Behavior"

Artigo publicado na revista Computers in Human Behavior em co-autoria com Rebeca Redondo e Ana Vilas da Universidade de Vigo:

Article title: A Social Gamification Framework for a K-6 Learning Platform
Reference: CHB1881
Journal title: Computers in Human Behavior
Corresponding author: Dr. Rebeca Díaz Redondo
First author: Dr. Jorge Simoes
Online publication complete: 5-JUL-2012
DOI information: 10.1016/j.chb.2012.06.007
Impact Factor: 2,293


As video games, particularly, social games are growing in popularity and number of users, there has been an increasing interest in its potential as innovative teaching tools. Gamification is a new concept intending to use elements from video games in non-game applications. Education is an area with high potential for application of this concept since it seeks to promote people’s motivation and engagement. The research in progress will try to find how to apply social gamification in education, testing and validating the results of that application. To fulfil these objectives, this paper presents the guidelines and main features of a social gamification framework to be applied in an existent K-6 social learning environment.

Versão estendida do artigo publicado na Tech Education 2012 (ver este post).


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