Thursday, October 10, 2013

Gamification 2013: Proceedings

The Gamification 2013, the First International Conference on Gameful Design, Research, and Applications was a three-day, dual-track conference that took place in the University of Waterloo (October, 2-4). 

Education and Serious Games were some of the conference topics:

"This conference is the first of its kind and we will use this opportunity to unite the burgeoning area of gamification with the best approaches from professional user experience and game designers. Our program is a blend of academic research and experimental applications with industry and non-profit examples, procedures, best practices, goals and results. It gives an idea of what all is now possible in the field of gamification. Our topics range from using citizen science games for motivation to best practices of exergames and classroom gamification. Not to forget the necessary discussion of the overlap between serious games and gamification".

In this conference gamification is defined as the use of "... game design in systems that primarily support non-game tasks to make them more fun, engaging, and motivating. With this motivational power of games comes great responsibility to go beyond using playful badges and point systems to truly tap into the intrinsic motivation of users".

The conference proceedings are available. Here are some of the papers related to gamification of education:

Full Papers:
  • Competition as an Element of Gamification for Learning: an Exploratory Longitudinal Investigation; 
  • Improving Participation and Learning with Gamification; 
  • The Design and Evaluation of a Classroom Exergame;
  • Driven to drive: Designing gamification for a learner logbook smartphone application;
  • Gamification and Serious Game Approaches for Introductory Computer Science Tablet Software.
Short Papers:
  • Gamifying Behaviour that Leads to Learning;
  • Improving Student Creativity with Gamification and Virtual Worlds.

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