Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Call for Papers: “Rethinking Gamification”

Could be interesting ...

a handbook edited by 
Mathias Fuchs, Niklas Schrape, Sonia Fizek and Paolo Ruffino.

The Gamification Lab at the Centre for Digital Cultures in Lüneburg, Germany,  invites scholars, artists, designers and thinkers to critically question gamification and propose alternatives to the dominant models that have been framing this concept. The project will expand the outcome of the Rethinking Gamification workshop held in May 2013 at the Gamification Lab in Lüneburg, which involved a group of 15 international scholars and artists.
We expect proposals to critically analyse gamification. If interested, please send extended abstracts (1.000 words) for full length papers (8.000 words), to be completed (if accepted) by mid-December 2013. The final papers will be published in Spring 2014.

It is also worth to see the videos on Gamification Lab website and the related papers. They are contributions for the workshop Rethinking Gamification that took place on May 2013.

One of the papers is from Scott Nicholson: Exploring the Endgame of Gamification. He has beem working on meaningful gamification (see this other post) and he has his own RECIPE:
  • Reflection – creating situations where users reflect to discover personal connections with the real-world setting;
  • Exposition – using narrative and user-created stories to create deeper connections to the real-world setting;
  • Choice – allowing the user to select paths and develop goals within the real-worldsetting that are more meaningful to him or her;
  • Information – providing the user with information about the connections between the gamification activities and the real-world setting;
  • Play – creating a safe space and set of boundaries where the user can choose how he or she wishes to engage with different gamification activities in the real-world setting;
  • Engagement – using the gamification system to connect users to a community of practice that surrounds the real-world setting.


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