Sunday, November 11, 2012

Gamification of Education: Videos, Posts and an Interview

Alguns recursos interessantes sobre a aplicação de gamification na educação e sobre game-based learning:
Também vale a pena ler a entrevista com Kris Duggan, um dos fundadores da Badgeville, uma plataforma de gamification já referida aqui.  

A entrevista parte da questão "Students love games, but they don’t always love school. How about if learning were a game?"

Algumas frases com ideias importantes, extraídas da entrevista:
  • "We will need more engagement across education experiences"
  • "Education experiences are going to become increasingly digital and mobile"
  • "Gamification can be applied to the concept of education much more aggressively"
  • "Gamification can never make you do something you wouldn’t want to do naturally"
  • "It’s hard to talk about gamification without describing it as a technique for learning"
  • "... we are seeing a great influx of interest and development in the areas of gamification paired with education for students of all ages"
  • "Teachers that use things like virtual rewards, leveling, progress, and other gamification" techniques are going to have highly engaged students"


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